Modellbahntage 150 Years Märklin 2009

On September 19 and 20, 2009 Märklin did it again - the traditional Modellbahntreff. Despite their critical finacial situation they celebrated 150 years of Märklin:

Nicola from ZClub 92 sells a lot of his Zscale collection!

On display were several neat scenes in 1:220 scale.

IG Spur Z showed historic layouts from the 1970s. One was wired DCC.

An Alco RS2 shell from Searails Graham Jones brought to the show.

At the Küppers both you could see Z scale loads, two soccer teams urgendly awaiting their release out of the box for the final of the championship and an accident with a bus.

Märklin had a prototype of the Ludmilla on display. Highlight of the entire Märklin Standes was the Zscale layout of Spiri - here are a few snapshots:

Freudenreich presented the new K3 box car model for the swiss railway enthusiasts.

A narrow gauge diesel engine of the Rhätische Bahn in Zm.

The US program with a reworked commuter car.

For the friends of the norwegian railway FR works on an EL9 electric loco. Also a container car and a box car with removable roof is in the line.

Flower power vehicles - some for the hippies and some for the products of love... Rolfs Laedchen is making these litte beauties:

Very impressive is Rolf's signal bridge! And also his commercial bicycle:

Off course there were some of the large scale present too - two pictures from the modules of N Club International shall represent the large scales:

In the evening the Z heads traditionally meet in the "Paradise". Thanks for the wonderful organisation to Thomas Zeeb!

Link to the pictures of Göppingen main station and display at LW:

Modellbahntage prototypes



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