Modell Süd 2008

On November 15 to 16, 2008, not far away from the big hobby show Modell Süd in Stuttgart the 16. Internationale Z-Treffen in Sindelfingen is held. Here are my impressions from this meet:

A lot of traffic is going on at Graham Jone's switching layout "Knownaim".

Helicopter service at the second Jones' layout "Wintersdorf".

Big town atmosphere, at the rigth a cardboard model of the Anhalter Bahnhof.

Z-Club International ran this heavy freight on their sectional layout.

River Kwai bridge. Something must have been happened to this train...

A masterpiece in Z-scale: Piero Spiroli's "Liependorf". THIS IS Z-SCALE!  NO JOKE!

More than 1200 Z-scale people live on this small piece of earth.

A lot of the small scenes I discovered first when looking at the pictures...

A long train just in front of an impressive backdrop. The picture was supported by the sound of a real train recorded in Belen by video.

1:220 model of Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof.

The best TV program I saw for long time.

Long tracks in nice landscape.

The Schwarzwaldhof of the Faller family.

A collection of wunderfull buildings from "The other Lionel" was shown in the cantine.

Train of Edwardian age are a speciality of Railex.



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