Lonesome Dove

Union Pacific delivers 3RWorks tank cars

After 9 month of building the first batch of 50' tank cars has left the 3RWorks plant. UP got the task to deliver the orders to the customers. Two SD40-2 are the motive power of this train, at the lead is an ex Conrail unit leased to UP. The RRR reporter were located westwards of Lonesome Dove at different locations.

Leaving the siding aside the tank train heads on the main to Lonesome Dove.

A picture from the hill. You can see also one 30 footer included.

The string of tankers is just coming out of the tunnel.

The two EMD's are thundering by the fotographer.

The view from a hill at the other side of the narrow valley.

Now they are rolling- in a few days they should arrive at their final destination.