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A few hours railfanning at Asheville, NC

Mid June 2006 Iwas in Asheville on a buisiness trip and took the opportunity to walk to the railroad in the Builtmore area. On two hot and humid afternoons I had only a bit more than one hour, but that's enough for a first view.

In the south at the old station building and the signal bridge the track diverts into two lines. The depot is a restaurant today.

The view from the road bridge shows the street crossing, depot and the Biltmore district. In the front three bridges lead the tracks into the Biltmore yard.

Just beside the above scene the local scrap yard is located. Even as it is a bit higgeldy piggeldy, this looks ideal to be reproduced on a model railraod layout...

The other side of the bridge offers this view to the yard with a marvelous mountain background.


The former Southern Railway freight house is now available.

This pair of SD50 is switching in the yard.

Climbing down the brigde to walk along the street parallel to the tracks, I heard a distant horn! A freigth train was approaching the yard.

This colourful consist pulls the Norfolk Southern train. The lead unit is BNSF 7649, a ES44DC followed by the UP SD70 4709 and a good old SD40-2 with the number NS3241.

After a short stop the train continues it's run.

A bit more north another bridge is spanned over the tracks. The yard is continuing in this cuvy terrain. In the background you will see the old round house with service facilities.

The roundhouse from the street side.




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