Steam Tour to the Aulendorf Bahnhofsfest

On Sunday, April 27, 2008, a steam train was running between Ravensburg and Aulendorf to the Aulendorf Bahnhofsfest. We met the train in Ravensburg in the morning.

Arrival of the 064 419-5. She runs backwards with one Eilzug car, 3 rebuild cars (from the 1950's) and a box car in tow.

For the direction change back to Aulendorf the loco has to switch.

The engineer.

The condictor.

The engineer enjoys the ride.

The train caused a lot of attention:

The fireman.

Arrival at Aulendorf.

Now the engine is thursty!

After taking water the train quite soon starts back to Ravensburg. We took a regular train to the next station Mochenwangen to fotograph the coming train.

Still at Mochenwangen.

After a short stop the train leaves.

A few minutes later we took a BOB train back to Aulendorf for lunch at the Fest.

The 2-10-0 loco 50 1650 is on display near the station since decades now. She has seen far better days...

We want to view the train coming back to Aulendorf and walk to the south end of the station yard.

Unfortunately there has been a gate crossing accident at the track which caused nearly 1 hour delay - in waiting close the tracks we all got a sunburn... but the she came!

We walked fast back to the station to catch the steam train back to Ravensburg.

As the local firebrigade had problems with their pump to water the steamer, the 212 084-8 historic diesel engine was fired up for our return trip. The diesel is also faster and was used to get back to schedule for the next trip.

A second pump was brought to succesfully water the loco.

Full speed.

Back in Ravensburg.



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