Beauvais 2007

January 30, 2007 - I am again in Beauvais.

This time the rail operation goes on regularly. Diesel 66467 looks huge compared to the low passenger cars.

A railcar leaves the station, they are nicknamed "whale"

Close view. Also German Rail (DB) has similar railcars, Link to picture of DB whale.

Unfortunately there is a high fence around the station. In a corner of the fence I can climb a bit higher, holding myself with one hand and taking this fotograph with the other hand. Engine 25249 pulls a train completely build with Corail cars.

The aftershot offers a portait of the cab car.

Two trains were cleaned during the noon brake.

Also the commuter train we saw coming previously is getting to be cleaned.

From the road bridge over the tracks the departure of the double-deck train can be observed.

Another commuter rolls toward Beauvais. The cars are from an elder production lot than the ones we have seen at the station.

In January 2007, 7828 was assigned for the local yard duties.



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