Snapshots from Brazil

June 16 to 20, 2007 I was on a business trip in Brazil. From Sao Paulo to Resende We traveled by car. In Sao Paulo I just got a glimpse of a double deck commuter train and a freight train but it was too dark for a picture due to the heavy rain that day. It was really a bit surprising for me as an European to come to Brazil and it was like a wet day in March...

Most of the distance the railway runs parrallel to the street to Resende, the following pictures will give you a glance of the impressive landscape.

An bridge over the Rio Paraíba del Sul.

It looks like the river will raise for sometimes - see the different colours at the bridge.

An old station - there hasn't been any passenger service for decades now.

In the valley between the coastal mountains and continental mountains the tracks are of the MRS railroad are running. We were lucky to detect a train and stop the car for some pictures. Two GE engine are leading a mixed freight train. The first one is a more standard product, but the second has been aquired from a line with very low clearances.

Steel products are loaded on the flat cars.

Like father and son... The first unit is most likely a U-23-C, the smaller one a U-20-C. Unfortunately the fastes possible shutter speed of 1/40s could not freeze the trains movement.

Different type of cars were nicely grouped. After the flat cars gondolas were following and after them another group of flat cars came loaded with coils.

The next group consists out of box cars followed by covered hopper cars.

At the end of the train are funnel flow tank cars.

On a further train I could only catch this string of gondolas.

It is raining again - a single engine rolls light southwards.

The next visit was to Porto Allegre in southern Brazil. It was nice spring- like weather. Again no time for railfanning, only a few shots out of the taxi. There is an electric commuter service in Porto Allegre.

View on the line through the city, beside the commuter service there is also freight service.

Profile of one stainless steel EMU.



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