Prototype Pics

Derailment in Braz, Austria

Most likely due to a brake defect a freight train loaded with new Dacia cars derailed in the early morning of June, 16, 2010 on a downhill section on the Arlberg route. The engine, about half of the auto racks, around 100 cars and a  larger track segment were destroyed. The engineer was lucky in this desaster, he was transported with minor injuries to the local hospital. Fortunately no other person was affected directly by this accident, also the surrounding homes remained intact. Albrecht Weber was at Braz send his pictures to Red Rock Railroad for publishing:

Pouring rain in the afternoon makes a tough job of cleaning up even tougher.

A Taurus electric loco in the garden.

Only a short brake for the man of the firebrigade.

All photos Copyright Albrecht Weber.  



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