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Railtrip from Beijing to Tianjin

September 27, 2007, 8.35 pm: Today we are starting for a business date in Tianjin. As Tianjin is not too far from Beijing we will return in the evening.

Beijing Main Station, the yard is partially already under refurbishment fot the next year's Olympic games.

Coke Colours for Olympia in the large hall of the station.

This speed train will bring us to Tianjin - somehow it looks strange for me in China...

But first I am examining the station. The boxy DF4 5205 just enters the station with her long passenger train.

At the opposite track the double unit diesel DF10F 0002 takes a rest.

Sleepy eyes - shunter DFH5 0368 looks like a home with her curtains.

"Our" train from the front. Every car has a stewardess welcomes the passengers of each single car.

The train is clean and modern - like a a reasonable Economy class airplane. In the pockets of the seat in front yopu will find instructions for using the seats, toilets and what to do in case of emergency -  like in an airplane.

Highball - as the train is shiny polished also the camera's view through the windows is quite reasonable. Outside DF7 0016 is switching a freight train.

Ikons of modern China - DF4 0012 in front of appartment houses.

All over the journey the passenger is well informed...

The top speed of 164 kpm (about 100 mph) was a bit dissapointing. Well, the train ran on a combined line for freight and passenger trains and not a special high-speed line.

The weather changed to gray. On an elevated track this elder SS1 electric engine is passed.

Two "Road Switcher" diesels of class ND5 have clear links to the EMD family.

An SS3 electric loco.

In the afternoon we are catching our "flight" back to Beijing.

One DF4D is idling along the line.

 ...another green DFH5 shunter, this time it is 0315.

At a larger yard I am spotting this depressed center car.




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