Railfanning pictures

Railtrip from Luoyang to Zhengzhou

After a date in the morning in Luoyang and a good lunch in a local restaurant we have to get to Beijing. As our next dat is already at the next day in Tianjin about 1500 km northeast we will take the train only to Zhengzhou where we will fly to Beijing. At the train station we have a lot of time for some foto shots:

If you are able to read und know the chinese characters you will understand... At the top left corner a very modern rail vehicle is shown.

Track map.

The time table.

The rules.

...and probably some advertisment - OK, absolutely no clue.

The waiting hall. The Louyang station is a straight forward, modern and functional building. The only emballishment is the large slogan of the party at the wall. The number signs in the background are identifying the boarding gates. Actually the electric board at these sign are out of order - you have to listen to the loudspeaker to which gate you have to go.

Finally at the platform. DF4D engine 3273 will pull our train. This time we have chosen the basic and less expensive class of train, clearly visible at the green cars.

At the opposite track SS7E 0035 rolls into the station.

Not too far ago the green cars had wooden seats. Now they are upholsterd with artifical leather. So it is still "coach-class". The young reporter already spotted me at the platform and is asking holes into me chinese collegue. Luoyang is located quite central in China, "longnoses" are still quite rare here and most foreigner will travel 1st class or soft seat category. She askes the train policemen to put my luggage up for some pictures. Next day I shall be a star in the local newspaper...

The waether is still warm and humid, so all windows are fully open during the journey - good for photgraphing! genüber den klimatisierten Zügen - die Fenster sind alle geöffnet - keine störenden Reflexionen! Just after departure this SS3B was shot.

DF4 6123 shines in the light of an other engine.

A blue DF7 numered 0233.

At a large power plant area Iam spotting two (cold) steam engines!

Both engines are looking complete and in operatable condition, the one in front looks like a QJ, the one behind could be a JS.

The engine already reached the bridge over the Yellow River. Our car is by the way the 12th and there are some more to follow.

Here the river is still relative narrow.

The long train is always fascinating!

A commuter train pulled by DF4D3272.

Sideview of the engine.

Most trains run a generator car for electricity for the AC.

A lot of MOW vehicles along the line. Track maintainance is well kept in China.

Then we are approaching a more mountainous area. SS7C0036 leads a passenger train from the opposite direction.

A freight train headed by 6K-078.

Just in front of a tunnel the bright headlight of SS3B0101 is reflected at the sides of our train's car sides.

A close-up of the huge double engine.

Separate Tunnels lead both tracks through the mountain.

A gravel train with SS3B5094. The cars are looking very similar to american ones.

Another freighter comes by, this time with SS3B0097.

No, our car has not been coupled off! We still follow the mighty DF4D.

At this line SS3Bs and 6K engines are dominating on freight traffic.

China uses left side driving for their railway system. The green signal highballs our train eastwards.

6K-036 waits in a siding.

Some minutes later 6K-079 passes by.

SS3B5076 lead the next train.

All stations are equipped with large sidings.

We are approaching Zhengzhou. SS8 0035 awaits her next assignment.

One of the oldest DF7 engines, numbered 0003 is the next view.

Sideview of 6K-032. The wheel arrangement is 4-4-4.

Zhengzhou station. SS8 0129 is waiting to go westwards with her local train.




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