Ningbo - Shanghai - Ningbo

On September 19, 2007 I traveled by rail from Ningbo to Shanghai. This time an express train and soft seat class was booked.

The big diesel engine DF11 0006 had brought my train to Ningbo and has been removed from the cars. For the trip to Shanghai DF11 0435 has already coupled to the other end of the train.

Another DF11 engine was captured still in Ningbo station during my departure: DF11 0372. DF stands for the manufacturer Dong Feng.

View into the Soft Seat Car. The TV sets didn't show any program during the trip.

Arrival in Shanghai. Shanghai Station has a huge dome over the rails, like a stadium.

After doing business in the morning in Shanghai and a meal at the stations restaurant I am returning to Ninbo in the afternoon. DF7G 0009 poses close to the station.

Side view of this modern chinese road switcher.

Here you can see the big dome of the station.

On the trip back to Ningbo a further DF7G came into my view. This has #0029.

Today I am ridig "hard seat" class. These cars have AC too. The tray on the table is used to deposit waste.

A shot though the window. A red DF4 with a tank train.

An older tank car with rigid frame under the tank. The tank is jointed by steel belts to the frame.

This modern type of tank car uses the tank as supporting structure.

A hopper car with unloading openings to the sides.

In Ningbo near the harbour I found this crossing. The chinese rail uses blue lights instead of green ones.





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