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Railtrip Wuhan - Luoyang

On September 25, 2007 I have a free morning in Wuhan. My collegue and myself take a cab to the Jangtze River. An impressive bridge overspans the large stream. On top walkways and the street is located, the below level is used for a double track railway line.

At his location the chinese leader Mao Tse Tung swam over in the early 1950's. This event lead him to build a bridge quite soon!

At the stairway to the top level of the bridge I could make this picture.

SS6B 1129 pulls an express freight train over the River.

The bridge from the other side.

On top of an old temple you have a good view of the bridgeand track situation. Unfortunately train were coming all the time when beiing inside the temple...

Also this picture is a shot out of frustration. I waited about half an hour at this location close to the temple for a train coming from the bridge. The light was right and also the view quite nice. When SS9 0141 came from the "wrong" direction with her express freight train it was time to leave.

After a spice noodle soup dish at a backroad restaurant we arrived at Wuhan main station. Here the view of the waiting hall.

Access to the platform is released just half an hour in front of departure. Walking the overpass I can shoout the overview picture. The engine is one of class SS8.

The station is well kept. The orange DF7 3098 idles close by.

SS7E 0077 will lead our train to Luoyang.

Wuhan is a stronghold of Dong Feng 8 engines. DF8 0009 thunders full throttle through the station with a long freight train behind her. Have a look to the hand sweepers below the cow catcher.


An older tank car. But now it's time to board the train. We have booked soft sleeper class, the chef of train will collect the tickets on a board to be able to give anybody a wake-up call in time of their destination.

The windows are reasonable clean, so I can fotograph this green DF4 during our departure from Wuhan.

Another DF4, this time with some spcial emblem at the front. Due to difficult light situation and low angle to the window the shot needed to be manupulated heavily to show a somehow clear image.

The first shot of one of the remarkable electrical double engines of class SS4: SS4 0113A+B.

SS4 0224 and SS4 0298.

SS4 0321 A+B is wearing a different livery than her sisters seen before.

A chinese gondola in coke traffic. Most gons are brown, but some are blue.

The flag of communism is a common sight along the track.

The track is well maintained, welded rails are standard. A MOW train sits at a small station.

Bunk cars.

HXd 30021 is one of the most recent electric engines in China.

...and another SS4 doubleunit - 0293 A+B.

SS4 0367 A+B.

SS3 0499. The sun is setting, time for a meal in the diner car.

Gambai! The chinese beer is good.

At a stop I can spot this futuristic vehicle at the opposite track. In one of the next reports theme.

Two pictures of our compartment. The beds are comfortable and long enough.

These lace covers are promising sweat dreams at every berth...




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