Bilder vom Vorbild

Fall in Battle Creek, Michigan

It is October 22, 2006 and it is already quite cold and wet. Today I want to spend again one railfanning day in Battle Creek, Michigan. Already dressed in heavy winter wear I am ignoring the ugly weather with temperatures in the low 30s and drissl from the side.

Sunday quietness at Kellogs. DRSX 1005, an old NW2 registered for DOT Rail Service Inc.

View to Emmet Street Yard. The sand piles documenting heavy trains and slippery rails.

GT 4915, a GP38-2, comes by to collect the caboose. Today is not yard men's vavorite weather.

An Intermodal awaits highball at the tank station.

Full throttle for both engines. CN 2550 is a Dash9-44CWL followed by one of the old reliable SD40-2 numbered UP 3246.

Framed in autumn colours GT 5933 und IC 3108, both SD40-2, lead 8 autoracks southwards into the Emmet Yard.

A more in the  north there is double track up to Lansing. The only train of this afternoon roars through the fall country.

CN 5517 is a SD60F and BNSF 4369 one C44-9W.

After two long and cold hours of waiting I am following this train to Battle Creek.

Back at the Emmett Yard I can spot two brandnew SD70ACe intgrated dead into a freight train. The engines come from the EMD plant in London, Ontario and will be shipped by rail to the new owner BNSF.

My final shot for this day are these two C41-8W working for Union Pacific on a mixed train heading eastwards.




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