Fall in Lansing, Michigan

End of October 2006 the winter is knocking at the door in Michigan. Just a few days ago the first snow came down. Actually it is not freezing but pretty chilly. The weekend of October 21 and 22 I had the opportunity for two days of railfanning - equipped with winter coat, scarv, warm hat and long underwear the weather could not harm my luck...

This time I explored the Lansing, MI area, at Trowbridge Diamond GTW/CN and CSX are crossing. Close by located is the Amtrak station at the CN line. From her the grade crossings of both lines are only about 150 m separated. The first foto location!

Two BNSF Dash 9 (5864, 5884) are heading westwards with a coal train of bathtub gondolas.

Norfolk Southern Dash9 9580 is supported by UP 9509, an engine of the same type, to move an auto train eastwards. The picture is shot from the platform of the Amtrak station, between the bridge and the signal you can see Trowbridge Crossing.

Under full load three "good olde" SD40-2's (CN 6129, CN6118, IC6203) accelerating an intermodal from Port Huron.

SD40-2W 5440 and C44-9 2641 are rolling eastwards with a merchandise train.

In the north of Lansing CSX runs a small yard. At the interlocking signal C40-8, CSX 7694 and SD40-2 CSX 8331 are waiting for the gates to close.

Finally the local rumbles by into the yard.

A picture from the other end of the yard: Some cars were shoved into an industrial spur.

This old concrete coal tower sits above the CN main line just in the middle of Lansing.

Another diamond is located just behind a residential area. The line in the foreground is CSX, the double track is CN.

In the late afternoon the sun comes out and lights the old GT station with some warm rays.

A kind a camouflage - two C44AC are hiding in the autumn leaves. (UP 6580& SP 6164)

A steamy after shot.

The last rain of an exiting day! 5 engines running a long mixed train. The engines are CN 2626 (Dash9-44 CWL), CN 5522 (SD60F), CN 2418 (Dash8-44CM), CN2690 (Dash9-44CWL) and a leaser from CEFX (Capital Equipment Financing) numbered 7079.




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