Prototype Pictures

Visit to the Great Lakes Central Railrod in Owosso, MI

On Sunday, June 26,2008 it is quiet in Owosso's Great Lakes Central Railroad headquarter.

The GLC is the successor of the previous TSBY (Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway Company, Inc.) The heritage of most of the tracks is from former Ann Arbor Railroad. Ann Arbor was already using many GP35s.

GLC 389 uses Alco Trucks, as all other GLC GP35's do. The livery is still to latest TSBY standards. 

Engine 1977 "City of Vassar" is the exception in the GP35 fleet. She is a NW2, it seems she is actually not in full working order. She still wears the TSB lettering.

Also 2648 has a covered exhaust stack and missing numberboards. She is an ex Southern Railway geep with the distinguishing high short hood.

At the same track rests TSBY 2681 still in Southern black paint.

391 is awaiting her next assignment.

390, 385 and 394 enjoy the quiet weekend. 385 is already painted in the new GLC paint scheme.

Closer view to 390. MTL offers the GP35 also in Z scale.

Overview to the shops of the GLC in Owosso.

Behind the engine shed some passenger cars are resting. GLC plans to start a commuter service around Ann Arborn.



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