Impressions from Geseke

The world largest Z scale event in 2008 happened from April 4 to 6 in the town of Geseke in Germany. Also I followed the call to Gesek this year and all my expectations were satisfied! Beside the Z scale meeting we also investigated real train traffic to the 3 concrete plants located aroud the town. On Saturday morning in front of the opening of the show we did our first tour:

It was raining but we found these two switchers at the first plant waiting for the next assignment. The blue loco belongs to the plant, the yellow one works for WAB who serves the plant.

The second plant is served by EGP.

212 314-9 has brougth on empty concrete train to the palnt and waits for completion of the loading.

The diesel moves the trains on the rails from Geseke station to the plant, the rest of the journey is done by electric locos. It looks stranges to find a quite new electric loco on a siding without electric catenary.

Then the train show starts!

3RWorks presented their offerings to the Z community. New are the tank car kits, the already known kits for cattlepen, aermotors and telegraph arms are available again. See also at the 3RWorks Homepage. We also presented custom build turnouts from Weichen Walter.

A small version of the Red Rock Railroad showed prototype samples of the 3RWorks tank cars.

Just beside our booth this impressive module was shown.

Z ClubGB presented "Standen Watchett" a Britisch small town layout in the typical English style modeling. You will find amasing details all over the layout.

A lot of rolling stock was modified and heavily sratchbuild equipment like this LNER tank loco.

A street scene snapshot.

The Mecklenburg small town Klütz is the prototype of this realistic Epoche 1-2 layout.

The Anhalter Bahnhof fascinates with its huge dimensions but also the niche details and large radii rails.

A complete steel mill with all functional buildings.

Concentration at the modular layout beside our booth.

On Sunday morning I got the wake up alarm at 7.10 by something green:

An Ex-DR V60 pushes a gondola train uphills at full throttle. Again the electric loco stays with the train.

After breakfast they are comingback! At the gate Mathias gets a good shot.

A few minutes later at Geseke station

Back to the show - long trains rumble by... It was a very fun weekend!



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