Visite en France

April 6, 2004. The sun just came out - good opportunity to take some fotos at the Strassbourg yard.

At a scrap track the motorcar 8313, damaged at the end side, and a commuter motorcar. The latter has a serious damage at the first car, which is burned out.

Four French crocodils of class BB13000 are resting their final days behind the former engine house.

One closer view to one of the retired engines, here BB13051.

BB13057 has been reworked to an earlier paint scheme and looks to be in good condition.

Again BB13057 from a different position. At the pic on the right side you are seeing a diesel with a slug.


These units are used at the hump yard nearby.

BB420205 awaits her next assignment.

Typical French is the styling of BB567572.

In the area of the former roundhouse 63728 and 63613 are resting in the sun.

Framed by two BB4600 you see one BB46000.

A french classic - engines of class BB25000, here 25168.



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