November 2009

Now the dark part of the year has arrived. the leaves are falling and often fog comes up. Inspired by this specific mood I went out in three evenings to capture this feeling. Some of these pictures were shot close to darkness:

650 201 enters Markdorf station at 5.21 pm on October 29, 2009.

This  611er double pack crosses at Markdorf at 5.23 pm.

November 7 is a bit more sunny - as an red arrow 611 027-3 cut the fall scenery.

More Red provides this pair of 650 a few minutes later.

The sun is setting when 650 323 and 650 319 race from Bermatingen to Markdorf - 5.07 pm.

The last rays of the sun intensify the red of the DMU.

I expected the express train to Basel a bit earlier but still got em at 5.22 Uhr. The sun was down and the blue hour tended into black darkness.

Again fog! November 21 at 4.52 between Markdorf and Lipbach, the "Seehänsele" comes out of the soup.



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