Lonesome Dove

Winter at Highman Tunnel 

It's winter now when I walk to the Highman Tunnel. There is not much changed since the last visit in hot summer - it is still dry, dusty and thorny. But today the temperatures are fine just up to 59 °F. Let's see what's up this time:


It seems to be colourful today. Three nicley cleaned CSX SD40-2 running light into the tunnel. These are the new Z scale models from MTL.

Next this arrangement rolls out of the tunnel. Two C&O GP7s (AZL) are well a bit overkill for just one covered silica hopper.

A closer zoom to both engines.

One hour later CSX 8014 and 8033 are returning with a box car train (MTL). The first car has been wheathered by Heinz Wagner (http://www.modellbaufarben.de/).

Oops - what a strage appearance! An undecorated GP35 (MTL) with an undecorated 50' Gondola are rolling towards Lonesome Dove.


After a meet
in Lonesome Dove with the undecorated train, CSX 8014 pulls a string of highcubes eastwards.

The yellow boxes are TTX, the brown ones run for BNSF.

A shot from the hill.

8014 is busy today. After she left the boxes at El Tobo yard, she ran through the wye and picked up this local tank train to Red Rock City.

From the other camera comes this side shot. The tank cars are made by modifying 3RWorks tank car kits.

This was a ral strange day on the RRR, not one RRR engine on the road but a lot of east coast motive power and then this undecorated train... It seems the RRR is testing some 2nd hand offerings.



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