India Railway Impressions, Part 1
Hindhu College - Putlur

Early 2009 I had a two week business assignment in India. It started in larger Chennai, previously called Madras. The first day transportation was done by car. The above and below picture were shot out of the window of the car - the above picture shows a Hindhu temple, below you see the left side traffic in India. Well this seems to be only a direction... or it might not be applicable to bovine powered vehicles.

The second day, January 28, 2009, I had my first India rail expirience. On the way to the office the driver stopped and let my collegues and me out for a short ride with the commuter train and to pick up us later at a station close to the office. 

After we had a street-side energy drink - a tender coco nut with a straw - we entered the station area. A lot of commuters park their bikes here and take a ride into Chennai by train. 

After climbing the steps our way get over the rails to the platforms. Thes two tracks are the long-distance mainline. If you expects a paved walk, a walk-over or under or any signals, you are expecting too much. So look and listen and then walk is the rule.

Also the way to the second platform is done by all passergers straight over the tracks...

As the arriving train at the above picture was very well occupied, we decide to wai for the 13.44 in direction

Here an overview of the walk over between the two platforms. There is also a bridge for trainspotter and railfans installed. In the background a freight train is approaching.

At the opposing track an other EMU set arrives.

Six axle electric loco 27622 of class WAG7 pull a long string empty container cars. 

Now our train arrives - this EMU looks a bit more modern than the previous ones.

We were lucky - nearly empty train has a lot of space for us. A fresh breeze flows through the open doors.

A view to the other side of this car. At the rear side two blind people are singing for money.

Caught between two moving trains - a normal view here...

The open door provides excellent photo opportunities. Here a freight train has stopped at a signal. The engine is one of the most modern freight locos of class WAG9.

At the end of this gondola train runs a two axle caboose.

A passenger train pulled by WAM4 21232 is heading to Chennai.

At a raod crossing parts of a rail vehicle are lying around. Is this scrap? (If you know India - in case of scrap this would not still lay around anymore, it would be a two-wheeler trailer or part of a hut...)

A rare sight - landscape without one human beeing or is there one behind ?

Finally we arrived at Putlur. In all of these trains there are compartments for women only!



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