Overview Innotrans 2008

On rainy September 22, 2008 one of the largest exibitions of rail equipment opened in Berlin. In several halls new equipment and components of rail technology were presented. The highlight of course in the large outdoor display area:

This elder french road switcher has been completely refurbished and runs now with a modern MTU engine.

Electro Motive showed the well known Class66 road engine. They are actually working on a larger bodied version for continental Europe.

End of a Talgo car. The wheels are separately beared and can be moved to adjust gauge between France and Spain. The passenger compartment can use a low floor. 

Series 440 is a new regional trainset for the DB.

Czech manufacturer Skoda presented their new multi system electric loco at the left side. At the right is the new High Speed locomotive from Ingeteam for the Talgo. This engine can also adjust the gauge.

At the Voith booth the brand new Grafita was shown the first time to the public.

Die Voith Maxima has an Anglo-Belgian-Corp. prime mover.

At the right the Maxima, at the left an older diesel which has been rebuild at the DB shops.

Also rebuild is the replica from 1935 of the first German loco. This loco was devasted by a fire at the DB museum.

Vossloh build this crocodile style diesel road swithcher for the French railway.

The Vossloh Euro 4000 is another large modern road diesel engine.

The new Talent 2 by Bombardier.

An commuter trainset for France.

These trainsets will run in Algery in the next future.

A high speed trainset for Russia: the Velaro. It is part of the ICE3 family.

General Electric presented a rebuild russian road engine.

A EMU build by Polish company Newag.

First shown at the Innotrans - ET 422 S-Bahn EMU.

This freshly restored historic railcar of the Oberweißbacher Berg- und Schwarztalbahn advertises a modern information board.

An EMU build by Pesa.

Siemens presented the new Austrian trainset "railjet".

A new French commuter EMU.

The new version of Siemens' Eurosprinter for the Belgian Railways.



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