Prototype Pics

Markdorf Spring in March 2007

The first nice spring days we had this year already in the first weeks of March. These sunny days were ideal to get out bicycle and camera for some railfanning down at the track around Markdorf. Trying something "new" was also my motivation on these trips - see here the results:

650 115-9 runs uphills from Markdorf to Bermatingen in the afternoon.

A few minutes later on the opposite site of the track (don't worry, there is a road underpass close by) 650 321-3 rolls down to Markdorf.

Front shot of 611 545-5 in the afternoon sun.

A few  days later 650 115-9 was captured in the curve leaving Markdorf in direction Bermatingen.

The same location a few minutes later: 650 327-0 rolls down into Markdorf to cross with the train to Basel.

Two 611 units are heading eastwards.

Here you can see the grade to Bermatingen (left side). The rested on a leveled tripod, shutter speed was 1/200 but still not fast enough for a sharp train.

Also for the following train the shutter was a little bit too slow...

Sunset on March 14, 2007 at 18.11 pm with 650 109-2.

It is March 15, 2007 about 5.50 am. It was nearly dark when I started with my bike at home, but I wanted to catch the "Iveco" train coming from Italy this time. Arriving at the planned location light fog was coming up - will I have enough light for a foto? With ISO 1600 setting, open aperture, 1/4 s shutter speed and tripod usage the atmosphere of the early morning was kept quite well.

Fully dynamic run two 225 diesels by.

The sunset of the same day offered this shot: 650 316-3 on the way to Markdorf.

After the sunset the "Iveco" returned, this time completely empty.

In the last light of the day the train heads in direction Italy.

The trailer cars are owned by FS Trenitalia.

Next Saturday morning I did it again. At 6.10 am a triple of 650 cars rolls to Friedrichshafen. Shutter at 1/8 s following with the camera produced this speedy picture.

At 6.21 am the "Iveco" is rumbling closer. This time I used 1/125 shutter but had to blow up the picture later on the PC to even see something...

About 10 Minuten before sunrise the silhuettes of the train can be seen against the east.

Again morning fog came up, but the light was sufficient to catch 650 314-8.

Also the 611 Pendolino motor cars were on their way.

Entering Markdorf station.

Little later a single 611 unit lead by 611 042-3 comes from Markdorf.

Also without full sunshine and blue sky you can do interesting and colourful foto shots.



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