Modell Süd 2008

The weekend of November 15 to 16 is split between two events with Z scale : The 16. Internationale Z-Treffen in Sindelfingen and the Modell Süd in Stuttgart. At the latter also some larger scales are running...

Lets see the pictures:

Overview  of the "Modell Süd - Bau und Bahn". About one quarter of this huge hall is dedicated to model railways.

But lets start in 1:220: Märklin had this large layout on display. A second more futuristic layout put more focus on the rolling stock.

THis is the prototype of the next Z-scale Insider model: the six-axle V300 road diesel.

The team of Freundeskreis Spur Z Hamburg managed their way south to Stuttgart. At the cliffs the old sailer of capt'n Blaubärs (a childrens TV series puppet).

Harbour scene with mostly cardboard buildings.

Just behind the booth of the Hamburg connection the ZSRR folks showed their Ruhrgebiets segments (the Ruhrgebiet is the Pittburgs area of Germany). In front is a refinery and in the background the steel plant.

A stranger at work at the tanks.

A typical small garden area close to the tracks.

Two masterpieces in Z scale narrow gauge Zm presented Karl-Friedrich Ahnert. They were build with the swiss Rhätischen Bahn in mind. This segment shows a rural railway station.

His second layout was operated. A small train just crosses a deep valley.

A close view to these handcrafted vehicles.

A second train waits in the station.

And now some views to the large scales:

This years fair hosted an N-scale Convention. Layouts from all over Europe were on display. I can show only a small selection. The members of AFAN (Association Francaise des Amis du N) crafted this layout in segments with french landsscapes. Well the train has just come over the border from Germany...

The international TEE is also still in France.

A rural scene of France. Another layout on the booth of AFAN.

A spanish train hurries through mountainous terrain. Club N de Espana.

N Spoor Nijmegen was also participating at this show.

The "Werkmacher" constructed the Sindelfingen station of the years 1914 to 1918 in N scale.

View to the station, in the background the old Daimler-Benz plant.

Modern H0 traffic of the DB (German Railway)show the layout of Andreas Müller.

Tram traffic in old town is the thema of the layout of CLub der Modelleisenbahner Würzburg e.V. in H0 scale.

This was the largest model: A live steam Shay of the Dampfbahner Plochingen.



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