Rail Classics Volume 6: Neubauelloks of DB

During the early 1980's the after-war standard electric locos of the DB were more or less mistreated by myself. They were everywhere and always around. Due to this fact only a few pictures were made mainly by accident. So the quality is sometimes questionable but I hope you can catch an impression of blue or green electric or even in the modern blue/beige paint sheme.

BŁgelfalten 110 280-4 pulls an express train in direction Bremerhaven, probably summer 1981.

The same loco coming back light.

With an Eilzug at the hook 110 506-3 runs into Ritterhude station. Who put this pole in front of the loco?? Probably 1982.


One of the nicer shots. On a hot summer day in 1984 I was out in Hamm to search for "egghead" EMU's. These cars were just retitred and stored at the shop in Hamm. As this train with 110 455-3 would cover the sight to the shops, I decided to take a picture to shorten the waiting time...

140 010-0 was caught during waiting for E18 electric locos at Munich main station.

Again a "waiting for" shot. There was a special train with the "glass train" a kind of electric rail bus for excoursions which should come through. It is the line Bremen - Cuxhaven. Very dynamically comes this 140 with a freigth train from Bremerhaven.

In sun set mood this accelarated train is heading to Bremerhaven. Green 141 with old ventilation grids.

Again Hamm: One EMU is nearly hidden in the shed... but today we are enjoying the view to 2 141's! Both have already new colour scheme and new ventilation grids.

A close view to 141 295-6.

No fotografic masterpiece...A snapshot from Hannover main station shows a 141 with old style lamps.

Again a green 141, this time one with the double lamps. Bebra, April 1984? This shot out of a running by train was again aimed not to a 141. Again a mast is stepping into the picture - why always me!

The largest electric standard loco: class 150.

150 193-1 heads a freight train the Geislingen ramp upwards.

150 163-4 stands in Geislingen.

The improved version of the 150 is the 151. Through Osterholz-Scharmbeck this ore train is pulled by
151 007-2.

In AW Freimann I met with this derivate - the testbed for 3 phase motors 182 001-8. Summer 1983.

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