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Modelleisenbahnausstellung in Neuenburg

The first December Weekend the Red Rock Railroad, the fellow modelrailroaders from the Markdorf Modelleisenbahnfreunde and myself were invited to participate at this year's excibition of the Eisenbahnfreunde Breisgau e.V. in Neuenburg. Neuenburg is located in the very south of Germany at the border to Switzerland and France.At early afternoon we left Markdorf and arrived at about 4 pm in Neuenburg. The RRR layout was operating and testd at about 7.30 pm. We then ran some trains and left the Stadthaus for a good meals and some beer downtown Neuenburg.

The next morning came sonn and after breakfast a walk to the station of Neuenburg was a good idea:

...we were lucky, the French diesel 461016 with two tank cars and one covered hopper were standing cold on the main line.

Pic from the other side.

The track runs directly over the border to France, short after the border a chemical plant is serviced. Now it is 5 to 9 time to walk back and start the session:

4 short train were continuously run to provide the visitors a good show. The Tunnelmotor is fine with only 18 cars.

The ABBA unit pulls a string of RRR two bay hopper.

Engineer Alex swithes his train on the siding.

Mathias is just watching the show.

Not fully awake seems this engineer. The 3RWorks tank are running a durability test.

...even when they proceed at slow speed, they are highly dynamic!

The public is watching too..

The Eisenbahnfreunde Breisgau had build a huge segmented H0 scale layout through the entire hall.

Impressive are the large buildings at this layout.

With a wealth of details!

Nice scenes also in the backyards..

The front - the Kebab take away has already opened.

The entrance to the station.

Schloss Neuburg!

The next Highlight were several highly detailed and animated midway diorama. Familie Maier

The caroussel - oh look the face of that girl turns green!

A lot of marvelous N-scale modules were shown on second floor.

Masterpieces in H0 scale: Buildings and scenes composed and crafted by Patrice Hamm.

 Is this reality or model?

A rich harvest is expected in the garden.

This is a detail of the french switching layout in O scale build by Jean-Pierre Bout.

The station is constructed after a real prototype.

Near the station a big tree is divided by this saw man. His wife and dog are watching. The saw and the tail of the dog are animated!

Beautiful are the hand crafted engines and cars.

Ready to plow.

The same scale but a bit more robust: Vehicle from 4 decades are running on old three rail tracks on this layout from Frank Blöhbaum.

Like the dream of my childhood - the Märklin H0 layout in 60/70 style from Peter Kappus.

An unusual concept was used by the follows of VHS Schpfheim for this layout: it is one large circle!

The large G scale layout from Torsten Geissler took the attention not only of the children. It was highly detailled!

The small Köf is switching on Raphaels Reichenbachs H0 Finescale layout.

This is Swiss narrow gauge at it's best: The Rhätische Bahn in H0m of the Eisenbahnfreunde Breisgau!

Here is additionally a link to the german language report of the Eisenbahnfreunde Breisgau e.V. !



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