Easter Steam

For the Easter weekend there steam specials are organized from Konstanz, one in the Blackforest and two araound Lake Constance. The engine , Mikado 41 018 is running light on Friday 6th of March, 2007 to the starting point of the weekends excursions.

Between Markdorf and Bermatingen the oil fired Mike is steaming upwards.

The crew is enjoying brigth sunshine and blue sky.

As soon as she came, she dissappears...

The next day the special train is coming. With only low load the steamer climbs the hill, the diesel at the rear is in service today.

The engineer get a fresh breeze.

The first bushes were blooming as 41018 rolls by.

... and from the number plate the rabbit is greeting.

On Easter Monday clouds of smoke are announcing the train.

The only opportunity the see the entire train close is just ahead of the signal to the Markdorf station.

Steaming by...

... today 218 396-0 stays lazy.

On Tuesday after Easter the Mike heads back home.

The last pictures were taken at the west end of Markdorf.

... the Easter rabbit says good buye. He isn't that snow white anymore but it was a lot of fun!



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