Railfanning in Rovigo

End of November, even in Italy the night comes early. One possibility to get some train shoots offers the lighted station. Just enough to catch some snapshots at ISO 1600 an the camera pressed to some fixed objects.

At platform 2 a freight train with E 655-007 at the lead awaits a green signal.

Neighbouring at track 4 and 6 two railcars class AIn 668 are idling.

AIn 668-610 of Sistemi Regionali (SI) stays overnight at a side track.

Then this freight train rolls through the station southwards. Engine is E 655 505, she still wears the older livery with a cast metal FS batch at her nose.

Next is this local pulled by aclass E 464.

Again a local - this one runs in the opposite direction.

Red light district...both railcars are still waiting for connecting passengers.

Now the Intercity has arrived, engine is E 402 032. Soon this train and both railcars will depart into the darkness.

Also the next day did not offer any time during daylight for a foto tour. So I checked for a reasonable foto location close to dawn and managed to capture this impression of a TAF speeding over a bridge.

The next morning I stood up early to be out at the track at sunrise. A bit of frost put a little white on the grass. Just after sunrise the Eurostar high speed train rushed over the same bridge as on the above picture.

There the train dissappears into some light fog.

A set of two railcars from the AIn 668 Family follows shortly. These cars have the main doors in the middle.

A push-pull trainset of a local is next.

The sun rises a bit higher but still some light fog is in the air as this freight train rolls southwards over the canal. A class E432 or E433 leads this train.

After 50 Minutes I have to leave - on last picture from the distance shows another freight train.



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