Proto Pics

Schnabel Car visits Markdorf

Who does not know them from model railroad catalogues - the large heavy duty centipede cars to move heavy equipment. But who has ever seen one in reality and in motion?

Today, on Friday December 8, 2006 I had the chance to see one just rolling through my hometown! I left work early for lunch break and took place at one of my usual foto locations near Markdorf. Full in time the transport of a 400 tons transformer left Markdorf yard at 11. 54.

Slowly this short but heavy train rumbles by. In the background you the the Gehrenberg mountain.

The weather was just right. Only one hour later it became cloudy.

Reliable motive power is 225 803-6.

20 Axles make a special sound when rolling by at about 40 mph.

A railfan friend runs back to his car to chase the train at the next stop in Friedrichshafen.

Through the woods and away to the mountains...



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