When a countess and an albatros are coming -

then Ludmilla, Bodo, Alex and Andi will not be far... It is September 6, 2007.

A steam special with two large Czech steam engines was announced for this day. Off course there was a delay - but is that a problem? No. In warming up the gear this C-C diesel electric was very welcome. As they were build at the Russian locomotive plant in Kolomna the nickname of this class is Ludmilla.

Then comes Bodo (Bodensee - Oberschwaben Bahn).

An Interregio in a bed of flowers. This is a push-pull train set.

First I was alone at this known railfanning spot. But no big surprise to meet Andi and Alex quite soon...

Then the show began. Blowing the whistle the train approached the bridge.

Diesel 212 249-7 "Clärchen" owned by Lokomotion GmbH leads the train. Originally a third steamer - 41 018- should lead, but unfortunately she had a damage at a bearing.

Sideview to the 4-8-2 three cylinder steamer 498.022 from Czech Rail, called Albatros.

The second engine is called "Gräfin" (countess). She wears the number 475.175 and is a 4-8-2 too.

The train had 11 cars.




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