Markdorf summer pictures from 2008

June 14, 2008. A steam excoursion train is expected for 19.43. A collection of picturers are following:


19.27: the regular Express train to Basel rushes through Markdorf.

19.50: the regional from Friedrichshafen is nearing Markdorf station. These DMU have to cross with the steam train at Markdorf.

19.55: The steamer has reached Markdorf an passed the three DMU's via the siding. At the pilot is 064 419-5.

At the rear 212 084-8 is pushing a bit for faster acceleration.

On July 26 a modern Diesel comes through Markdorf.

In the summer heat ER20-2007 rushes by. This engine is so quiet that you will hear it just when it passes.



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