Modellbahnausstellung in Stetten/Donau

January 14/15, 2006 the RRR was invited for the Modellbahnausstellung in rural Stetten an der Donau. The layout was build up quickly on Friday evening. Thanks to the hospitallity of the team of the local club we enjoyed a very pleasant rest of a long evening.
Next morning the exibition opening was at 11 o'clock - late enough for a walk into a winter landscape on a very crisp morning. Some impressions of this walk you see below:

Stetten is connected by rail - below you see a motor car class 611 with graffiti.

Just one shot of this crisp morning near the river... But now for something completely different, the exibition:

After wake up the hall is still very quiet.

Then the crowd is coming! The large H0 layout of Werkstatt 87 is impressing also by wonderful details. Workshops, sales booth and further layouts create wonderful modelrailroading atmosphere.

Construction boom at the large layout.

Märkliningen of the EFS club.

Klinik for DCC.                                                          For the youngest visitors this layout created a lot of fun.

The RRR used the opportunity for extended tests with a MTL GP35. The loco was supplied primed, handrails were provided separately for the coming paint job. The authorities gave a deviation to run at the show.

The public is courious: How can these small trains make such a noise! (The stereo is the reason - the typical rumble and horn of big diesels attracts visitors)

After two long and exiting days of railroading all equipment was packed again for the way home awaiting the next assignment.