Railfanning in Tampere, Finnland

It is March 20, 2008 but in Tampere, Finland still winter rules. Temperature are just below freezing point at the day and a bit lower in the night. Fortunately the dark season is mostly over, so I can stroll the the station in the afternoon for some pictures.

As the first finisch rail vehicle in sight, this SM4 electric car unit is heading southwards.

At a dead end in close to the station a SR1 awaits her next assignment. These machines were build in the former USSR. Most Finish rail equipment has buffers and a central atomitic coupler.

A passenger train rolls into the station area. The loco is again a SR1.

Finish Rail also employs a fleet of italian design Pendolino tilting EMUs. They are registered as class SM3. At the rigtht 3039 has still to wait.

Rushhour at 6 pm at the station. Trains from all directions are arriving all at about the same time.

Oops, wasn't it in Switzerland, when I saw this loco the last time? Well the SR2 locos are swiss design!

The Pendolino is leaving again to Helsinki.

A bit later the last passenger train is departing northwards. This train does not have any rear end signal.

3005 is the last remaining in the station.

Finland has applied a rail network in 1534 mm brought gage. this enables direct trains to Russia. At the end of a long freight train a string of Russian cars is located. They do not have any buffers.

SR2 and SR1 are the dominating locos at the Finish network.

At the parking lot behind the station this old Mikado is on display.

These three SR2 are getting close together for the cold night.

Next day we were on the road to Nokia when rail tracks appeared beside the street. I saw a green signal and asked Paul to stop. I just had changed the batterie in the camera when the freigth train came.

We followed the street and were able to overtake the train for this picture on a bridge in Nokia.

Back in Tampere we visited the Tampella museum. Tampella has been an important part of former Finish heavy industry, they also were in the locomotive business.

This is the third steamer on display in Tampere - I don't know if there are even more hidden in town...



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