Lonesome Dove

Some old colour slides from the 1960's

Going through the files of the RRR archive I noticed a few colour slides. When I first saw them I was struck by excitement - Big Blows were working hard on the Red Rock Line!

Union Pacific turbine loco 71 exits light the tunnel west of Lonesome Dove. (The Veranda is a Hallmark keepsake model)

The same engine works hard with a long mixed freight. When UP decided to retire their turbine loco fleet the RRR was evaluating to buy the entire fleet of the aging turbines and did extensive test runs on the Red Rock Road.

Now heading westwards: UP Veranda #71. Their pulling performance was very well accepted by the RRR, but their enormous thirst and issue negotiating tight radii could;t convince the RRR management to auquire the entire UP turbine fleet. There is some talking a few of these "verandas" were kept by the RRR, but I couldn't find any evidence to confirm this so far. Most probably these units were scrapped soon after they were at the RRR.

Another rare colour shot is this pic of 136 of the D&RGW running light through Lonesome Valley. In San Vegas the RRR meets the D&RGW. (Märklin model from 2005)




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