Whale Hunt

Sunday June 21, 2009. In summer some additional trains, capable for bycycle transport running on the "Lake of Constance Belt Line". These services are provided by DMUs of class 628 and 641, which are no common sight here.

In the morning these two sets of 628's rolling westwards. In the background you can see the Zeppelin. Unfortunately the sun just hides behind some clouds.

At noon a first thunderstorm had send a shower over Markdorf.  There is one further "Bycycle Express" scheduled today. First the normal Regiobahn has to run by eastwards. 

Dark clouds are reflected in the windows, the thunder rolls... Not really the best wheather conditions for a cycling tour.

Then two so called whales are coming. The one in front is 641 015 "Murg", the other 641 010 "Klettgau".

The set had a pause in Friedrichshafen. In the afternoon they are heading back. If the whales took a bath in the lake during their free time?

Still under clouded sky the sun came out for these two foreigners.

As fast as they arrived they dissappear.



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