The new Märklin Mogul

Now she arrived - the new Märklin Mogul. The model sets a new standard for Märklin steam engines - separately applied details are applied en masse!

Side view.

The separate railing, bell, generator, indicator lights, headlight and whistle enhance the look of this model.

This complete cab is filled with the 5 pole motor. At the end of the cab the firing doors looks out.

The loco runs well as usual for Märklin locos. Off course the top speed is far away from beeing prototypically...

The box of the loco contains beside the manual also an exploded view of the loco with a parts list.

At the right you see again the face of this beauty.







Coupled to the oldtimer coaches the big disadvantage of this new designed engine comes into view: the loco is too big compare to the other Z scale vehicles.

Face to face with an NMRA steamer and a car the different scale of the Mogul is obvious.

Summary: A beautiful and well detailed Nn3 model. It is really a pity, that Märklin was not using the chance for a marvelous Z scale product...



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