The Schwarzwald-Modell-Bahn layout in Hausach
In a building, which has housed a supermarket in previous years, the large layout of the "Black Forest Railraod" was started in 2003. It is open to the public and in early November the team of the Red Rock Railroad made a visit. First a snack was taken in the restaurant of the exibition. There is also an opportunity to buy some H0 scale model trains, railway books und videos.

Here are some pictures of this impressive layout. In some areas the landscape is still under construction but what we saw, gave an absulute realistic impression of the Black Forest!

The Hausach station as model. The area on the street side of the station is still unfinished. In reality the exibition of this layout is located just opposite to the station...

In the east of Hausach the vegation shall come soon.

Also here some work has to be done.


Layout and backdrop are harmonically composed.

Two large helix lift all trains above the entrance door to enable a circular operation.

The real Hausach station. View to the east.

Two "doodlebugs" are waiting in the station.

This is the link to the homepage of the exibition:




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