SD40-2 and SD40-2 Tunnelmotor from AZL

In September the SD40-2 line of AZL has been launched. These models are amazingly well detailed and look like models of much bigger scale! They perform very well and are good puller too. Here is a selection of fotos from three version of these engines:

The SD40-2 Tunnelmotor in Southern Pacific livery. Detail pics of this engine:

The chassis of the tunnel motor is very similar to the previously launched SD45 from AZL.

A standard version of the SD40-2 in Conrail blue.

The chassis is a bit different to the tunnelmotor. Due to the shorter body the decoder notch has moved more to the middle. The trucks are mounted a little bit more in front to enable the long platforms of the SD40-2's.

Detail pics. See the large fingers - this is really Z scale!

The snoot nose SD40-2 in armour yellow for Union Pacific. See that big nose!



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