Lonesome Dove

Come to the west of Lonesome Dove. People wer busy here the last month! The last nail have just been hammered in the fences of the pen and the first 6 piece of stock entered the new location.

Aermotor and Cattle Pen (homegrown developments) are painted and weathered and barn and feed mill were detailled. Refurbishing work goes on at the warehouse (Artitec). The water tower has been rebuild and pressure tested. Cowboy John parked his Jeep (MZZ) to have a chat with "Big Mill" the owner of the feed mill.


6 test cattle are doing the final approval.


 3 stock cars were moved to the pen by engine 21.

"Big Mills" takes care, that he will exceed his customers expectations. There is of course a huge choice of seeds, feeds, spare parts and all the other stuff needed in Lonesome Dove. By rail "Big Mill" will receive the finest tractors, harvesters and other equipment.

Windows are still missing at the warehouse. The new erected structure on the roof will proudly present the sign of the new company starting business soon. What kind of business this might be? 



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