Rail Classics Volume 1: V200.0 of DB
1984 was the last year of regular service of the dual engine locomotives of class 220 (V200.0). Early in the morning of April 25, 1984 I started from the suburbs of Bremen to Hamburg. By train of course! In Hamburg the tour should lead me to Lübeck, back to Hamburg and to Cuxhaven. All trains I took were moved by these big red engines. It was the last time for me to experience them in regular service! The pictures will be published one for a bigger audience:

Waiting for the departure rumbles 220 025-1 with one engine at idle, producing a huge plume of blue smoke. In the distinctive light of the historic Central Station this scenebrings backs memories of the steam. A few minutes before departure the second diesel will be started and the loco will push the train out of the hall.

Again in Hamburg main station we are seeing an other V200, 220 062-4.

Big show at Lübeck: 220 065-7departs with an accelerated local passenger train (Eilzug).

The engineer seems to be facinated by some literature.

Again 220 065-7. The classic paint is bleached out and tend to a colour near pink - was this the idea for the later DB Traffic Red?

In comparison 220 068-1 looks really shiny.

220 029-3 is switching in Lübeck.

Final destination for my tour with the V200's is Cuxhaven. Time to say goodby to the classy red rumblers. 220 025-1 ist the last one I have seen in active service.

On June, 31, 1984 I met again with the series V200 - during the open day at the DB repair shop in Bremen. V200 007 is restored gab es für mich ein Widersehen mit der Baureihe V 200 - während des Tages der offenen Tür im AW Bremen. Die V 200-007 ist restauriert und optisch in den Ablieferungszustand zurückversetzt. Am Haken hat sie die historische Lückeck-Büchener Doppelstockwagengarnitur.

Die folgenden Bilder zeigen die museal erhaltene V 200 002 bei Sonderfahrten. V 200 002 ist eine der Prototypmaschinen.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Foto: Helmut Bückle
V200 002 in Friedrichshafen am 21.5.2002.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Foto: Helmut Bückle 
Nochmal V 200 002 in Friedrichshafen Hauptbahnhof am 21.5.2002. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Foto: Alexander Bückle 
Am 1.6.2003 haben V 200 116 und V 200 002 einen Sonderzug nach Villingen gebracht. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Foto: Alexander Bückle 
Die wunderschön hergerichtete V 200 002 glänzt in der Sonne in Villingen. 1.6.2003.

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