Rail Classics Vol 3: E 44 in 1983 and 1984

Munich had several E 44 in the depot to bring cleaned passenger cars into the main station where the the road engine will take over. The E 44 also had to bring back the car sets when trains were ended in Munich. All pictures of active E 44 were taken in Munich in the hot summer of 1983.

144 165-8 photographed out of an arriving train.

In the depot 145 158-2 stands beside her newer sisters.

144 098-1 is idling in Munich main station.

A picture with several historic actors - one E 44, one 103, leading a passenger train with a "pop" coloured car.

145 170-7 has delivered her cars to the main station and await the departure of the train to return to the depot.

The retirement of the entire class was in summer 1984. In the depot of Rosenheim I found several of the prevously pictured engines - awaiting the scrappers torch. In the background an E 94 leads a freight train. These freight engines had only a few more years on the tracks.

The depot is full of retired E 44.

Lamps and numberplates are removed at most of the engines.

The last see again with 144 165-8.

145 177-2

Seen in service only one year ago: 145 158-2 still has headlights.

144 029-6 show a nice variation of the colour sheme with the white line. After removal of the epoche IV number plate the original E 44 029 appears. Unfortunately the numberplate was solidly welded to the engine...

In August 1984 most of these electrics were send to the scrapyard.




Also in Würzburg a long line of retired engines gives a last farewell.



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