Lonesome Dove

Diesel Engines

F7 A&B / F7M A&B:

Engine of EMD series F7 and F7M are still the backbone of all rail traffic on the Red Rock. As actually a rebuild program is ongoing, no definite number of locomotives still in service can be given yet. Several engines are currently used for spare part demand.

The main difference between F7 and F7M is a longer chassis and the use of Blomberg Type M trucks. F7M have a wider cab - the comfort cab.

F7M ABA-unit, builders photo EMD 

All F7 are equipped with steam boiler for use with passenger trains. Unfortunately no picture of a RRR F7 available currently. Shown is an archive picture of a Southern Pacific F7.







F7 with SP commuter train, archive Truk Kcl

Class 216:

New to the RRR roster will be one unit of class 216 (ex DB 216 025-7). This engine was recently aquired together with further engines of class 221. This loco need to be overhauled before it's new start at the RRR. It is planned to use class 216 in light road service.






Class 221:

Only 1 of their 3 class 221 engine is in service now. The two remaining were new aquired in Europe and need a rebuild program. Class 221 is based on DB class 221.

Lok 21 at the cattle pen. This engine came over as a demonstrator already in the 1960's. Number boards, single headlight and horn are the main visible changes for this task in the US. After the public interest cooled down RRR bought this engine in the 1980's. It is a reliable engine.



Based in the positive expierience with engine 21 RRR decided to increase the roster with this type. As similar engines were retired in Germany it was a bargain to aquire more. The all need to be rebuild with new digital control.

The pictures are showing several locos lined up on a siding in the west of Lonesome Dove waiting for their overhaul.



In the forground you see an EMD F7M B-unit, ex RRR 13, stored after fire damage. Behind the F7M ex-DB 221 131-6, 221 120-9 und 216 025-7 are standing.

The F7M has been seriously damaged and will be scrapped. THe 3 German engines shall be refurbished for further 15 years in service.






SD40-2. Recently the RRR has aquired this SD40-2 from Conrail to support the motite power until the large rework program of older engines is finished.









Desert Hog Class:

Other railroads make events with Thomas the Tank - Red Rock has its Desert Hog. This funny loco was build from an old Plymoth switcher. The engineer will view the track by windows in the eyes of the pig, supported by cameras in the nose. This engine is equipped the Euro style buffer-and hook couplers to pull the original Prussian Cars. This train is used only at special events.









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