Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove at the Markdorf Modellbahntag 2003 

One year has passed since the last Markdorf Modellbahntage and now the Red Rock Railroad is displayed again to the public. Beside the progress in detailling (see at "recently at the cattlepen") the transport "cages" for the 6 segments have proven their first test. On Friday afternoon the build -up is started:

First step is to bring everything to the reserved place.

The segments are "freed" out of their cages and brought into position.

The first three segments are standing.

A bit later (OK it was 4 hours) the new curtain was put in place - it fits perfect!

From the other side it is a pleasure too! Many thanks to my wife Sabine!

On Saturday morning the show is starting. The crowd is enjoying the lang trains.

Two SD45's are pulling a heavy coal train.

Long freight trains are crossing the Lonesome Valley.

The Crew enjoyes the session. From left: Rainer Sauter, Kurt Lück and Jens Wimmel

DCC makes it happen - one send his train eastwards, the other westwardsd and the third lets the Desert Hog run in between.

After 7 hour operation the show is over and everything needs to be cleaned up.

Südkurier, 27.10.2003 

...on Monday morning the local press is reporting. It is funny how the red rocks faded out - now it is the Pale Rock Railroad... It seems they had some problems in understanding the rocks are red, so they choose the more common limestone colour.

Südkurier, 27.10.2003 

More really stunning pictures you will see at the famous Zettsiite at the following link:

http://home.datacomm.ch/zettsiite/Lonesome.html  - it is a must for a Red Rock fan!!!



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