Here are a few shots of the F7 of Europe: the famous NOHAB diesels.

 NOHAB's at Lemvigbahnen in summer 2002

Victoria pulling a tank train.

The following pics are thumbnails to large images (approx. 0.2 MB). Enjoy!

"Victoria" of the Lemvigbahnen      Again "Victoria"                         Engine "Tørfisken" of the Lemvigbahnen

Build plate of "Tørfisken"              Engineer's view                         Prime mover of "Tørfisken"

Victoria is an ex-Danish State Railway MX28 (16 cylinder), Tørfisken an ex MX26 (12 cylinder). The Lemvigbahn is a private short line in the north-west of Denmark


Tørfisken heading a passenger special in Thyborøn.            There is a regular commuter service on the line.

NOHAB's between Pritzwalk and Falkenhagen

During August 2003 the team of www.privat-bahn.de caught 2 NOHAB's at Pritzwalk. These engine are running gravel train between Pritzwalk and Falkenhagen in east Germany. The Red Rock Railroad team now proudly presents the images and sound of this part of their tour!

More information about this summer's tour of Alexander Bückle und Mathias Fetscher you will find at http://www.privat-bahn.de/Privatbahntour_2003_1.html (all in German language).

Two Nohab's are doubleheading their train to Falkenhagen.

The train is passing by.

Shunting in Falkenhagen. This is the link to the sound during this operation (582kB) !

The fine white gravel looks like snow.

All sounds and images of the Pritzwalk/Falkenhagen article ©Mathias Fetscher, 2003.



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