Narrow gauge impressions from North-Sea island Wangerooge
Last vacation my family and I spend on the small German island Wangerooge. Every visitor coming by ship and everything needed on that island comes in by this small trains! The track gauge is 1 meter. Every day several passenger and freight trains are moving from the harbor to the station and vice versa.

Flat cars are used to haule the luggage containers.

The Wangerooge station and the engine shed - home for 4 diesel engines.

Together with her sister engine 399 108-0, 399 107-2 was bought in 2000.

Both two axle engines, build by Schöma, are the backbone of the passenger service.

399 105-6 is one of two engine originally build for a Romania mine in 1990. 1992 they were assigned for the freight service at Wangerooge.

99 211 was the last official steam engine at Wangeroge. She was retired in 1962 and is located now at the foot of the old lighthouse.


This flat car runs on archbar trucks! (Remember this is in Germany...)

Flat car loaded with steel.

Old flat car.

This is the only tank car, transporting all Diesel and heating oil for the island.

Passenger car with special ramp for wheelchairs and childrenwagons.



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