Rolling Stock

      Maintainance of Way Equipment

Have you already seen this new US style dump car from Märklin? Oh, sorry it is not just as it left Göppingen... Only a few modifications make from the DB Cargo car a quite reasonable looking US vehicle. Similar air operated dump cars came up in the 1920's in the US and even today similar cars are used in MOW service.
Just pull off the buffer, depaint, paint and letter the vehicle. The final step is the use of Märklin US style trucks. The new car on the Red Rock fits really nice to the new FR bunk car - soon a complete MOW train will be on the road!


Just after the hottests summers days are gone and vacation time comes to an end, the work for the RRR maintainance of way gang is starting again. They are very lucky to change their old tents to the comfort of the new Freudenreich bunk cars which have just arrived! The bunk car is based on a MTL chassis and is designed and build with the well known quality and craftmanship of FR. Separate hands rails, ladders and chimneys are completing this urgendly needed model. The cars are available as kit or finished model. For more information get in touch with Harald Freudenreich at FR.model@t-online.de or see the FR homepage.

One Picture of the work train with the test trial bunk car (brown) and the new aquired RRR MOW bunk car in grey.




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