The first sample of a 30' tank car just left the workshop. It is totally scratchbuild from 1/2" aluminum tube, elliptical end from Plastruct, wire, turned brass bolster pins and domes. The trucks are made by MTL. Lettering is homemade with an ALPS printer and clear decal paper.

This car was made as feasibility study an has been scrapped in the meantime.


The next step was the creation of etching patterns on the computer. On the left you see the finished photo etched parts.

On the following pics you see the result of the first patch up. It is now a 50' version. The assembly process has to be optimized fot the next assemblies...

The photo brings it up - there have been some problems with the glue - normally soldering is the standard process for vehicles in the RRR shops. 

The small dome on the left side of the platform is a small needle head - on the 30' sample this has been turned out of bar stock. (My wife just mumbles something like "where are all my needles???)

Now the car is waiting for the paint job.



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