The Woodchip Gondola from Freudenreich:



The Woodchip Gon is again a wonderful new model from Freudenreich. It runs really well, during the 2002 Markdorf Model Railroad Days it has been tested without any incident. The car is well weighted to stay safe on track even when running in a long train.
A realistic looking insert simulates a load of woodchips. 

The car is lettered for Southern Pacific, all major details are printed sharp and at correct position. The pictures are showing a pre-production car, the production imprinting will have additional details.

The first FR car inspected in the shops of the RRR showing underbody detailing.





Brake cylinders and separate brake equipment providing an excellent impression of the underbody..







For low ground clearance the underbody has cut-outs for the coupler box and the wheel flanges.



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