We had fun sharing Z know-how, stories and photos.

Wanna go to the Biergarten? These small folks already got their tasty stuff onder the leafs of an old tree! Zeeing is believing - look to these beer mugs! This is a part of the model of Arthur's model of the Warthburg castle.

I like her from all sides! This promiment nose was a must to be photograped! Marco's AZL PA1 in ATSF livery is a real beauty


The first snow is fallen, but the snow plow is not ready yet!
Complete scratchbuild of polystyrene is this plow. Alfred Schoen will assign it for future duties at his Moffat Line layout.

Thanx to Jens Wimmel the organiser of the second official Swiss Z scale meeting.

Again it was well worth to come - good food and a familiar ambiente were supporting this event. It was really a pleasure to meet old fellows and get in touch with new faces. We had fun talking Z!

Here you see some Impressions and the "Highlights" out of the view of the board of the RRR.

Oh, it's already the next morning! Time was flowing away soon at Jens' 3 layouts. On the rigth you see the test tracks, in the middle the SKA1 (SuperKompaktAnlage for SuperCompactLayout) integrated in a small beauticase and on the left a section of Zm track.


The flangers are able to move outwards!

We are curious for a real sharp looking model when finished.



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