Lonesome Dove

Southern Pacific on the Red Rock Line 

Even in earlier days Southern Pacific was present on the Red Rock. These two pictures are showing Commuter trains between Red Rock City und San Vegas. The train was made by Freudenreich, the MTL engine has been painted in the bloody nose scheme by FR too.

Commuter 6352 sits in the Lonesome Dove siding waiting for the dispatcher's orders. The telegrah pole are a development of 3R Works and shall be available in fall 2003.

A ABBA "black widow" returns from her helper assignment to San Vegas. A units are made by Märklin, B-units are made by Micro-Trains Line.

A special Daylight cruises through the Lonesome Valley.

A local freight train heads eastwards. Engine 4812, a GP38-2, was build at the Rogue Locomotive Works. Unfortunately this company had to close their doors soon after the supply of some hundreds of models. The Woodchip Gondola behind the engine is made by Freudenreich, all other cars are from MTL.

SD45s 8844 and 8854 are pulling the first "clearance test" train through the Highman tunnel. These engines are build by AZL.

The first run was done with only single decked Intermodal flat cars.

Next day the double decker test train comes out of the tunnel. Clearance is of a hand's breadth only!

Will be a common sight in the future - UP/SP intermodals are rushing through Lonesome Valley. The second Husky stack car is brand new at the RRR and needs to be painted in RRR blue and lettered.



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