Lonesome Dove

Steam Special 

Last weekend a steam special was celebrated on the RRR. Engine 7, an USRA heavy Mikado has been polished and fired up. Two freight trains, composed of historic cars, were moved on the line. Several foto stops were made.
Special 7 steams westwards with a reefer train. The heavy Mike is an ISM product (In Service Miniatures), unfortunately this company is not in service anymore. The reefers are models from Pennzee, Father Nature and Freudenreich.

The same train in different perspective in the light of the evening sun.

Red Rock Railroad's Heavy Mike 7. Unfortunately the engine number "7" has not been finished for this event.

In the dawn of that remarkable day 7 was pulling a long string of hoppers (Freudenreich) on her trip back.

The same train running by.

A tourist run with Pacific 1.

During last years Triple R Steam Festivals the small Mogul is one of the main actors.



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